It's kitten season again but thankfully, after years of spaying, neutering and finding homes for the ferals (also a terrible illness that killed many of them one year) there aren't nearly as many to have kittens now as there was when we moved here. This year only two females, LuLu and Thing 2, had babies. LuLu had 3 and Thing 2's had 4. One of Thing2's kittens had to be bottle raised because she abandoned it on the hay after I touched it to clean it's face so it could breath. That's Kirin who has been raised in the house. So, 6 or 7 kittens to find homes for this year, not bad at all considering that the first spring we were here there were 24 kittens to find homes for, not counting the kittens that were lost or all the adults.

Monday, January 11, 2016


This is Flea. I believe he was severely abused. When we found him, he had a horrible wound on his head and appeared to be only around 6 weeks old. I did not expect him to survive and at first he would not let us catch him. He’s been here around 2 months and is now a very loving but wary soul. His head has healed up a great deal but not healing completely so that I believe there’s something in it. He needs to have his wound treated, be neutered and have a rabies shot. Once he’s fully recovered he will be up for adoption.

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